Sunday, April 3, 2011

Who Knew Moo Shu?

This was my Moo Shu (Shoo) Chicken last night.  Hubby and I went to dinner at our favorite little Chinese restaurant in the area.  I had never tried their Moo Shu and was looking for something that wouldn't be as "bad" for my diet as their combo plates (which are LOADED with yummy but fattening foods).

I wasn't expecting them to be so large.  I've had Moo Shu in the past at various restaurants, but they've traditionally been smaller.  That picture doesn't include the one I already had on my plate!  I ate one plus a cup of Wonton Soup and was full.  I brought the rest home as leftovers.

The server wasn't kidding when he referred to them as "Chinese Burritos".  It appears they use a very thin flour tortilla as opposed to crepes.  I don't begrudge them that since tortillas are a staple food here in the Southwest.  It just caught me off-guard. 

It was quite tasty and I'm confident that I will order them again.  I may even have to try and make them at home sometime.  If I do, I will also try my hand at making crepes.  Tortillas work well, but I prefer a smaller version.

If anyone has a recipe, feel free to share it.

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